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Jeff Bruce is an author and journalist living in Naples, Florida. His first two novels are “Glow in the Dark” and “Get Strange,” which recount the adventures of reporter Alexander Strange who blogs about news of the weird from aboard his dry-docked fishing trawler in Goodland, Florida. Earlier in his career, Jeff was an editor and columnist at several newspapers including the Miami Herald, the Dayton Daily News and the Austin American-Statesman. He served as the journalist-in-residence at Wright State University. Jeff holds a Master’s degree from Antioch University and a B.L.S. from St. Edward’s University. He is a member of various literary organizations including Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime. He has served as a director of the Antioch Writer’s Workshop and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. He was twice a juror for the Pulitzer Prize. And as you can see from the above headline, he knows how to translate “Hello” into Klingon, Romulan, and Vulcan.

Phoenix newspaper columnist Alexander Strange writes about weird news. But when gunshots riddle the front of his uncle’s Scottsdale home, he finds himself making news instead of reporting it. Who would want Superior Court Judge Leonard Dwayne Skousen dead? And why? And where the heck is his dog, Fred? Like it or not, Strange must find the answers to these questions and he has only 48 hours to do so. He cobbles together an unlikely alliance of television and newspaper reporters and the judge’s sketchy bailiff. And he must dodge the watchful eyes of a pair of overbearing FBI agents, who Strange fears may not be on the level. With the clock ticking, he desperately searches for a hidden clue to the shooting, dodging packs of coyotes, a freeway sniper, and arsonists. And how in the world did he end up chasing a puppy in a forest fire in high heels?
Alexander Strange is sipping a Cuba Libre and munching grouper balls when a naked, faceless body surfaces near his dry-docked trawler in Goodland, Florida. Ordinarily, this would be fodder for the weird news blog he writes for a digital news service. But while the corpse’s face has been devoured, Alex recognizes the ring on her finger. It belongs to a fellow journalist, Maria Martinez. And from the ligature marks on her neck, she appears to have been strangled. Maria was investigating corruption in the sheriff’s office, so Alex is loathe to cooperate with detectives. That distrust deepens when a bloodstained noose is found under his boat. Alex smells a frame-up. His fears are shared by his shipmates, Mona the mannequin, a life-size cardboard Mr. Spock, and his dog Fred. But he can’t let that slow him down. He owes it to his dead friend to find her killer, and he owes it to himself, too, to prove he can do more with his career than write silly stories about wackos in Florida, the Candy Land of Crazy. When a prisoner in the Collier County jail is found hanged with a rope identical to the one under his boat, Alex realizes he needs help. A urinal-mat-salesman-turned-detective joins him in this quest as does a gorgeous former public defender who wants more than to find a killer: She wants Alex to forego his “catch and release” love life. And that includes ditching Mona, who gives her the creeps. But all three must fight for their survival when Alex learns the killers may be a group of Russian enforcers known as Stalin’s Hangmen. Who are they working for? Alex and his friends must discover the answer before they, too, find themselves on the end of a noose.
Check out Alexander Strange's blog at www.thestrangefiles.com. You can also keep up with news of the weird on his Facebook page.

Why is Jeff Bruce writing about my adventures? Because I'd rather have a colonoscopy than write a book.

Alexander Strange