After an exciting career as a newspaper editor and columnist, I began teaching journalism several years ago then transitioned full time into creative writing.

I am currently chronicling the adventures of my friend Alexander Strange. Like me, Alexander lives in Naples, Florida, but where I live in a house, he lives aboard a drydocked fishing trawler. Maybe someday it will set sail again. While he waits for repairs, he has given me his notes about how he uncovered a sordid prostitution and beastiality ring in eastern Collier County. You may have read about it if you subscribe to the Galactic News Service. if not, my new book, Slip Sliding Away, will tell the inside story with details never before disclosed.

Before arriving in Florida, Alexander was a columnist at the Phoenix Daily Sun, where he uncovered a massive government conspiracy (you remember that Ebola outbreak?) and hurled himself into a quest to save a poor, kidnapped Papillon. That adventure is detailed in Glow in the Dark.

You can also follow Alexander’s weird news blog on Facebook and at his website, The StrangeFiles.com.